There are many different and rewarding ways to volunteer for OMS and champion the OMS program.

Overcoming MS is a community-focused organisation, with a range of roles taken on by OMSers who volunteer their time and skills to help spread the word of OMS. Below you can meet some current OMS volunteers and learn more about what they do, as well as the different volunteer roles you can get involved with. 

Meet some of our volunteers

Lorna Greenwood

Video editor

"Overcoming MS has had a hugely positive impact on my life so I jumped at the chance to become an OMS volunteer because I saw it as an opportunity to give something back. I've been working with Sophie and have been doing some video editing/subtitling which is something I really enjoy.

Last year was extremely challenging for everyone but I found that having something so positive to focus on  helped me, massively. I think volunteering can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. You can help make a difference, and you can gain confidence and learn new skills along the way."

Pat Feller

OMS Ambassador

"My MS diagnosis upended my life, and traditional allopathic treatment left me feeling like a bystander to my own health. Then I read Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis book by Dr George Jelinek. It taught me how to be an active participant in my health to move the odds in my favor to successfully manage it. I've never looked back and now gain so much from being an Ambassador."


Karen Costello McFeat

Blog contributor

"It was not long after I had started my MS blog, ‘When life gives you lemons,’ that I was contacted and asked to contribute to the website. I was flattered and delighted. OMS has done so much for me that spending a little time creating a post seemed the least I could do to say thank you. And writing for the site has helped to clarify my thinking; giving me a greater understanding of what I hazily knew.

The strength of OMS lies in the enthusiasm, generosity and openness of its staff and volunteers. So go ahead. Marry your skills with the roles that need to be filled and strengthen your bonds to the OMS family. Who knows? The life you enrich may be your own."

Lori Olsen

Comms volunteer

"Living in the States, I was not familiar with OMS, but had adopted a lifestyle approach to managing my MS for over 15 years. When I learned more about the organization, their program and that they were seeking volunteers, I raised my hand! With my professional career in digital marketing and my personal passion for helping others with MS, I feel truly blessed to be able to volunteer as a consultant to the OMS Communications team. 

I am also currently leading their Communications Advisory Group. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to work with such a great group of people who truly care about their community and to help spread their message of hope while living with MS."

Find out below all the ways that you can get involved and help OMS. 

Please fill in this form if you are interested in becoming an OMS volunteer in any role - an OMS Volunteer Co-ordinator will then contact you to discuss further.

Access our Volunteer Handbook here too. 

Join a volunteer group

Join one of our skills focussed volunteer groups, such as; Community Engagement Support, Communications Advisory or Advocacy

Write a blog

Share your story by writing a blog to be featured on our website. You can also record a video for us to share on social media.

Feature on our Living Well with MS podcast

Become a guest on our very own podcast, Living Well with MS.

Share a recipe

Have a favorite recipe that you would love to share with the community? Let us know.

Become an OMS Ambassador

Lead one of our support groups by becoming an OMS Ambassador

Distribute leaflets

Raise awareness of OMS in your local area by handed out OMS leaflets.

Offer expertise

Offer expertise in other ways, such as sharing meditations, exercises or nutrition tips.

Organise a fundraiser

Support OMS financially by setting up or taking part in a fundraiser

Meet our OMS Volunteer Co-ordinators

Hana Javurkova

“I have been following the OMS program for years, and it has changed my life for the better. Volunteering for OMS gives me a sense of purpose while actually making a difference. Charities like Overcoming MS are engines of change. It is great to work alongside passionate and diverse people who share the same goal — help people with MS live well.”

Sarah Chorley

“I joined Overcoming MS as a volunteer in 2020 having had an incredible experience on a retreat. Because the charity has had a profound impact on my lifestyle and thinking around MS, I wanted to help others do the same. I’ve met OMSers around the world, and learning from their lives and experiences has been a privilege. It’s been lovely to get to know the OMS staff who are all really supportive, and it’s great to be a part of the team driving the charity forward.”