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04 June 2019

“A healthier body leads to a healthier and stronger mind!”

Claudia is an OMS Ambassador (Hemel Hempstead, UK) and is encouraging anyone in the surrounding area to join the Hertfordshire circle! She shares her story of finding Overcoming MS and fundraising.

OMS gave me hope and positivity that I could make changes to the lifestyle I was leading for a better health outcome. Since following the OMS program, I have been healthier than ever before and it made me reconnect with running.

After being diagnosed with MS, I started running again and came across parkrun in May 2017. I have now completed over 50 parkruns and celebrated by running the 50th run in my Overcoming MS vest and matching tutu!  

Mental health is hugely important and a healthier body leads to a healthier and stronger mind to enable you to deal with this curveball that MS is.

I am now one of the two ambassadors for the Hertfordshire circle and encourage everyone with MS to join their local circle. If you sign up you will find lots of local support to help you with this unpredictable condition.

As part of parkrun’s PROVE project, there is also a great and inspiring community on Facebook for runners with MS. We have super quick sprinters amongst us, as well as MSers participating in their wheelchairs or solely by volunteering – everyone is welcome. I wanted to share this with my fellow OMSers and encourage you to spread the word to anyone you know who is affected by MS

In simple terms, it can put people with MS back in the driver seat of their own destiny, considering that MS is often seen as a condition with a predicted decline in health. 

Any sport can offer great health benefits and I enjoy cycling as much as running. In August I will be taking part in a closed road cycling event in London. RideLondon is a 100-mile event with 25,000 other riders where I will be proudly representing Overcoming MS and raising awareness.  

So wish me luck and please support this great cause if you can: