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Finish 2024 strong with our '6 Months to Overcoming MS' course

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22 March 2024

Learn the Program – physical activity and exercise

Ready to learn more about movement and exercise for MS? Get comfortable and learn from our podcast and webinar.

Listen to our podcast: Using Exercise to Build Neuroplasticity

Dr Gretchen Hawley

Listen to Dr Gretchen Hawley as she explains neuroplasticity and how exercise and physical activity can help you improve your strength, balance, and mobility.

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Watch our webinar: Accessible movement for MS

Veronique image

Let Veronique walk you through how to use physical activity to support your MS.

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“I feel optimistic, and I’ve got a lot to look forward to. I can live a really healthy life with the exercise program and the diet.”

Dee, Overcoming MS community member.

Learn the Program step by step

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Learn the steps of the Overcoming MS Program

Ready to learn more? Learn the steps of the Overcoming MS Program in detail.

The Overcoming MS Diet

Stress management for MS

Vitamin D for MS

For advice about medication, please speak with your healthcare team.