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10 January 2022

Overcoming MS begins its 10th anniversary by welcoming new Chair of the Board Dowshan Humzah

Overcoming MS’s tenth year begins by welcoming Dowshan Humzah as Chair of the Board for Overcoming MS.

Dowshan Humzah is an independent board director and strategic advisor who has over twenty years executive experience, during which he has delivered transformative business growth, digital change, and brand and product innovation.

In addition to his wide private sector experience, Dowshan has served several civil society and charity organisations. He is a previous Trustee of the MS Society, Chair of the UK Advisory Board for Board Apprentice Global; and serves on the Advisory Boards of Ramadan Tent Project and The Amos Bursary.

Linda Bloom, Overcoming MS’s Founder and Chair for the past 9 years, will continue to support the charity as President. Her role will help OMS in raising awareness in a global ambassadorial capacity.

Linda said, “Overcoming MS was founded ten years ago on my dream of making Professor Jelinek’s work available to as many people with MS as possible. In my time as Chair of the Board, I have witnessed the extraordinary difference that Overcoming MS has made to so many people around the world. People who have MS in common but are also united by their desire to empower themselves with the tools that Overcoming MS offers. They share that vital, realistic hope that overcoming MS is possible.

As an ‘OMSer’ myself it has been a joy to have led the charity and I am now excited to welcome Dowshan to our OMS family. Dowshan brings a wealth of experience from the commercial, public sector and charity worlds. Working in partnership with our CEO Grazina Berry, I have no doubt that OMS will continue to go from strength to strength under Dowshan’s leadership.”

We spoke to Dowshan who is looking forward to supporting you, the MS community and Overcoming MS. Read our interview with him below.

Why Overcoming MS is vital

I was drawn to Overcoming MS because of its emphasis and impact on providing hope and optimism for people affected by multiple sclerosis. Globally, overburdened healthcare systems are in crisis, especially with the ongoing pandemic. I believe that people with MS need Overcoming MS now more than ever before.

Alongside existing clinical good practice and recommended medication, lifestyle interventions such as the Overcoming MS program are increasingly available in clinical practice for other serious auto-immune and lifestyle-driven conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It’s time the same happens for multiple sclerosis.

Putting people with MS at the heart of medical practice

I believe there needs to be a better balance between the science and art of medicine for people with MS and their families and carers – and indeed for all patients seeking medical help.

I’m sure many ‘OMSers’ will agree that doctors and clinicians are doing magnificent work. However, the healthcare system is overstretched and is set up for healthcare practitioners to practice their profession as if it were purely a science and no longer an art. Processes, protocols and metrics have overtaken a more integrated, holistic, compassionate approach, and ultimately, we all lose out.

I think Overcoming MS has an important role to play in supporting healthcare professionals to provide practical ways for people to better manage their MS. The magic of Overcoming MS is how it offers simple, practical ways for people with MS to take control. We can work alongside clinicians, and offer hope and optimism for a better life with MS.

Thank you to founding Trustee Linda Bloom

I would like to pay tribute to Linda Bloom who founded Overcoming MS. I am sure that the whole community joins me in thanking her for the passion and energy that she has put into building and sharing the magic of Overcoming MS.

As a result, more people worldwide with MS have hope and optimism that they can live a full and healthy life. I am delighted that Linda will continue to champion the charity in her new role of President and I look forward to working with her.

The year ahead

Over our tenth anniversary, we plan to launch an advocacy campaign, unveil a new brand and pilot a new scalable support programme.

A couple of major priorities as Chair will be to continue our evidence-based approach and further build our relationships with healthcare professionals, other organisations and most importantly, the OMS community.

Working with the OMS community

As the new Chair of the Board of Trustees, I am committed to ensuring that we continue to serve you, our community, with practical support and offer hope and optimism. I also want to reach out to more people with MS and offer them the benefits of Overcoming MS.

I look forward to serving and working with the Board, our President, Linda Bloom, our CEO, Grazina Berry and our team of staff and volunteers. A Happy New Year to you all!

You can read more about Dowshan, his background and motivations for joining Team OMS here.