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15 March 2023

“Having a support group of positive people means everything”

Being a huge lover of music, Trai was excited to be involved in the Hope Reborn filming. We spoke to her about her time on set, why MS awareness is so important to her and how Overcoming MS has made a difference to her.

Created by Fabio D’Andrea in collaboration with actress Rose Leslie, Overcoming MS and the MS Society, Hope Reborn is a beautiful short film and music composition that depicts the challenges of life with MS. Alongside Rose, who plays the main character, volunteers from Overcoming MS and the MS Society also took part as extras. We spoke to some of our own volunteers who were extras in the final scene.

Meet Trai

As a member of the Hertfordshire Circle, Trai was invited to join the filming of the final scene in Hope Reborn. We spoke to her about the project and her Overcoming MS journey.

What made you want to be involved in the Hope Reborn project?

I thought the fact that a positive message could be channelled through music was a great idea! It’s such a creative way to shine a spotlight on a serious issue but in a really positive way.

Why do you think the Hope Reborn message is important?

It is so important for raising awareness, as well as encouraging people to have a positive approach to life and not give up. It spreads a message to people with MS that you should live life as much as you can and believe that you can still achieve small victories.

What does MS awareness mean for you personally?

Awareness is so important to me, as much of the time MS is an invisible illness, which makes it hard for people to understand the struggles someone may be having. I even struggle to understand it myself half the time and I have MS!

What was your favourite part of the filming day in London?

I love music, so just listening to the Hope Reborn composition while Fabio was playing the piano, and watching the fantastic dancers and choreography was fantastic. Meeting everyone else on set was fantastic too and so inspiring.

"Anyone diagnosed with MS should know there are options and choices they can make"

How did you find the Overcoming MS program and how has it helped you?

A friend recommended the book to me not long after I was diagnosed, and it made sense to me to give myself the best chance of fighting MS. To start with, I believe removing dairy from my diet has really improved my health.

Anyone diagnosed with MS should know there are options and choices they can make, to give themselves the best chance of living as healthily and positively as possible with this chronic disease. Having a support group of positive people through Overcoming MS also means everything.

Released in February 2023, the music composition and short film have reached thousands of people already, sharing a message of hope that despite the challenges living with MS can bring, there is always hope for a full and positive life with the condition. Watch the video here: Hope Reborn video

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