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Finish 2024 strong with our '6 Months to Overcoming MS' course

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Discover our campaigns and stories from our community members and get inspired to live well with MS

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Stories of Hope

Overcoming MS has brought the hope of a better, healthier life to thousands of people around the world. Hear from some people whose lives have been changed.

Evolution Stories: MS Makes Me

In his series of short films, rider Andy McKenna hits the trails with friends to put his struggles with multiple sclerosis into perspective. In this episode, he is joined by Dr Jonathan White, fellow MSer and medical advisor for Overcoming MS.

Hope Reborn

A video created to raise aware of the challenges MS and the hope of living well with MS. The supporting single is raising vital funds. Watch and share the video today to give hope to more people with MS.

World MS Day 2024

A day to celebrate global solidarity and hope for the future for the MS community. Find out about what we did on 30 May 2024

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UK MS Awareness Week 2024

We are all stronger when we come together, so for the second year running we partnered with the MS Society, MS Trust, MS-UK, MS Together, the Neuro Therapy Network and Shift.MS, to increase our reach and deliver a powerful and hopeful message for MS Awareness Week to more people. Learn about the project.