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Brett Drummond

MStranslate & ECTRIMS 2022: Multiple Sclerosis Research Update with Brett Drummond

Brett Drummond covers hot topics from the MS research world, including lifestyle modifications, stem cell therapies, the gut microbiome and much more.

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Webinar summary:

In this webinar, we welcome Brett Drummond from MStranslate to feedback on hot topics from the ECTRIMS 2022 Conference.

Key highlights:

04:53 MS research and MStranslate.

10:38 Clinical trials and cell culture studies.

17:40 MS research and the importance of accurate information.

20:26 MS management and COVID-19.

25:48 Advocacy and community involvement.

31:49 Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and its potential link to MS.

41:15 Managing MS symptoms through lifestyle modifications.

47:17 Myelin repair in MS using intermittent fasting and Metformin.

50:05 MS research and treatments at ECTRIMS.

54:03 MS research and funding.

01:02:28 Managing MS symptoms and new research on Progressive MS.

01:13:38 MS research and treatments with a focus on genetics and lifestyle modifications.

Speaker bios:

Brett Drummond

Brett has more than 15 years experience in MS research, having pursued graduate and post-graduate studies as a laboratory scientist at the University of Melbourne.  MStranslate was developed as a result of Brett’s desire to continue contributing to the MS community beyond his work as a scientist. 

His knowledge of MS and his talent for science communication has been recognised worldwide.  Since 2022, this recognition has included his appointment as host of the official European Committee for Treatment and Research In Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) podcast series.

The transcript for this webinar will be available soon. 

This webinar was recorded on 22 November 2022 as part of our Finding Hope with Overcoming MS – 10th-anniversary edition webinar series.