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S1 Episode 5

Episode 5: “Live” from Recovering from MS (Edinburgh, June 8, 2019)

Guests include Prof. George Jelinek, OMS facilitators and OMSers from around the world

Welcome to episode 5 of the Living Well with MS podcast. This episode is a bit of a departure from our usual interview format, as our host Geoff Allix packs his mic and travels to the stunning city of Edinburgh, Scotland to attend a powerful one-day event, Recovering from MS: Wishful Thinking or Realistic Optimism?

This OMS event took place on Saturday June 8, 2019, with featured guest Professor George Jelinek, founder of the OMS program. Joining George is a team of expert OMS facilitators, neurologists and other health professionals, as well as hundreds of attendees both from Scotland and further afield, on the OMS program or looking to start. Geoff snagged impromptu chats with some of the many fascinating people in attendance, including Professor Jelinek.

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