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Podcast: Sex & MS | S3 Episode 43

Listen to S3E43 of the podcast: Let’s Talk About Sex (and MS), with Dr Aaron Boster

Living Well with MS is proud to welcome back Dr Aaron Boster, an Ohio-based neurologist specializing in MS, who has featured on episodes that tackled exploring how to make the right medication choices and the impacts of lifestyle choices on MS. Now we tap his expertise to help us grapple with an important topic that isn’t discussed as often as it should be – sex. Sex and sexuality are vital dimensions of a healthy life, but how are they impacted by MS? Our discussion with Dr Boster digs into the science and practical implications behind this topic, so let’s talk about sex and MS! 


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Dr Aaron Boster’s Bio

Dr Aaron Boster is an award-winning, widely published, and board-certified neurologist specializing in multiple sclerosis and related CNS inflammatory disorders. He currently serves as the Director of the Neuroscience Infusion Center at OhioHealth. Witnessing his uncle’s diagnosis with MS when he was 12, he and his family came to see a lack of coherence in the way MS was treated at the time. That experienced informed Dr Boster’s drive to do things differently. At OhioHealth, he spearheads a revolutionary model in MS treatment and patient care drawing on interdisciplinary resources and putting patients and families first. Dr Boster is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Neurology at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a former Assistant Professor of Neurology at The Ohio State University, where he also formerly headed the Neuroimmunology division. OMS has recently been pleased to welcome Dr Boster as one of the newest additions to its Board of Trustees.  

Dr Boster has been intimately involved in the care of people impacted by multiple sclerosis; he has been a principal investigator in numerous clinical trials, trained multiple MS doctors and nurse practitioners, and been published extensively in medical journals. He lectures to both patients and providers worldwide with a mission to educate, energize and empower people impacted by MS.  

Dr Boster grew up in Columbus, Ohio and attended undergraduate at Oberlin College. He earned his MD at the University of Cincinnati College of medicine and completed an internship in Internal Medicine and Residency in Neurology at the University of Michigan, followed by a two-year fellowship in Clinical Neuroimmunology at Wayne State University.  

He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Krissy, son Maxwell, and daughter Betty Mae. 


  • Dr Aaron Boster, welcome back to Living Well with MS, and thanks for joining us again. Before we dig into this episode’s main topic – sex and MS – there’s a recent bit of news to mention. You’ve joined the Overcoming MS board of trustees. There is no doubt OMS is happy to have someone of your medical and clinical expertise on its board. How has the experience been so far and what compelled you to join in this capacity? 

  • Let’s shift gear into our main topic – sex and MS. This is quite important and perhaps not discussed as often as it should be. First off, how would you define sexuality in the context of MS? 

  • Is it common for people with MS to experience sexual dysfunction or other challenges with having a normal sexual life? 

  • Do the types of sexual dysfunction differ depending on the types of MS you have? 

  • If a man is experiencing sexual dysfunction connected to his MS, what are his options for overcoming or managing it? 

  • What if you’re a woman experiencing sexual dysfunction connected to your MS. What are your options for managing it? 

  • Some people with MS encounter some sort of physical impediments or disabilities. How might that affect your sexual life and what can you do about it? 

  • Is there any specific research currently going on that studies MS and its influence on a person’s healthy sexual life?  

  • If there was one critical takeaway you could share with anyone in our audience experiencing sexual issues related to their MS, what would it be? 

  • Before we wrap up, and on a totally different note, I couldn’t let someone of your expertise leave the guest chair without asking you a question of personal interest to me as well as many other members of our community – about supplements. There are many out there to choose from, from Co-enzyme Q10 and probiotics to things like Ginkgo Biloba, Echinacea, St. John’s Wort, Valerian, Ginseng, and many more. Is there a general framework for deciding whether to try a supplement and are there any whose positive effects are supported by an evidence base? 


  • Check out Dr Boster’s popular YouTube channel covering all aspects of MS. 

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