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S4E48 bonus Ask Jack #6

Ask Jack 6 with Jack McNulty


Welcome to the second season premiere of Ask Jack, featuring the prodigious culinary talents of professional chef, writer, and OMSer Jack McNulty answering food and cooking questions from our community that inform their healthy OMS lifestyle. Check out the show notes below that dig deeper into this episode’s topic. You can submit your questions for Jack anytime by emailing them to [email protected].  

The Living Well with MS family of podcasts is happy to welcome back Ask Jack for its second season!  

This episode’s topic: Replacing Eggs and Chocolate.  

Jack has meticulously curated several questions around this topic, and its one even non-chefs can relate to. I mean, eggs and chocolate are the building blocks of so many yummy foods and recipes.  

But we know from our research that they’re not particularly good for people with MS. So, let’s find out about healthy alternatives that can stand in without standing out.  


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  1. Jack, do you have any tips on making a Tofu Scramble? I’ve heard they are simple to make but I’ve never made one. 

  1. How do you replace eggs in cake recipes? Is there a single and simple substitution one can use? 

  1. On a related note, one of our listeners wanted to know how much egg white is needed to replace a whole egg. Any thoughts, Jack? 

  1. Courtney from Portland, Oregon, wanted to know if there is a healthy substitute for egg replacers like Just Egg, which is the closest thing she’s found to scrambled eggs. However, she’s concerned about some problematic ingredients in it, like a whole bunch of canola oil, and the high temperatures required to cook it. Any ideas, Jack? 

  1. Is it possible to make an OMS-friendly custard? I would really love to know how to make a quiche and custard dessert for my family. 

  1. Can you explain how to use aquafaba? 

  1. I have a lot of chocolate cravings and I’m looking for OMS-friendly ways to satisfy them. Do you have any recommendations? 

  1. Can I replace chocolate in a recipe with cacao/cocoa? How? 

  1. On a related note, is there a difference, seemingly apart from the price, between cocoa powder and cacao powder? Can both be used for baking? 

  1. Are there any interesting chocolate substitutions on the market I can use to make desserts? 

  1. And here’s a question from Fran in New Zealand: can we use cacao nibs? 

  1. Finally, Jack, our whole community is excited about the imminent launch of the latest OMS book, ‘The Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Handbook’. In fact, our next Living Well with MS episode is dedicated to it, and features two of the book’s co-editors, Professor George Jelinek and Associate Professor Sandra Neate. But the OMS Handbook has numerous contributing editors, yourself among them. What can you tell us about the project and your role in it? 

About Jack McNulty: 

Jack McNulty has been involved in food and cooking most of his life. He’s walked many paths during his culinary journey, including transforming himself from an interested amateur ‘foodie’ to a professional chef with classical training. He has worked for talented and knowledgeable chefs in high-end restaurants in Switzerland, Italy, and France. Jack has operated his own catering business and cooking school, while also finding time to write about cooking. He is currently operating his own subscription-based website providing instruction and recipes supporting a vegan lifestyle. Jack has followed the OMS lifestyle since 2009. He has actively worked on providing recipes and information to the OMS website, was the contributing editor to the OMS Cookbook, and authored the Eat Well chapter in the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Handbook.  

Jack’s Links:  

  • Visit Jack’s website for mouth-watering OMS-compliant vegan recipes, ingredient information, and to learn useful vegan cooking techniques. 

  • Be sure to check out Jack’s weekly international newsletter – VeganWeekly – written with the aim to inspire people to cook healthy plant-based food. 

Coming up on our next episode: 

On March 23, meet Dom Thorpe and explore his exercise tips for all abilities. Dom has been helping people with MS to improve their lives through health and fitness coaching since 2008, and he’s the creator of The MS Warrior Program, which has been completed by over 1,000 people with MS since its launch in 2018. So tune in on March 23 and get moving with Dom! 

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