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Stress management & meditation

Learn about the importance of managing stress and how mindfulness and meditation can help

Stress management, including meditation, is a key element of the Overcoming MS Program. It can have significant benefits for your mental health and daily life by relieving stress, improving sleep, concentration and focus. It can even improve fatigue and reduce the risk of depression. When we are stressed, our body triggers the release of certain hormones that cause inflammation. This can even trigger MS relapses and make MS symptoms worse.

We provide free guided meditations and other resources to help you get started.

Get started with meditation

By helping you to intentionally focus your attention away from thoughts about the past or future, and towards what is happening in the present moment, meditation encourages you to appreciate what is important without the distraction of fear and stress-based emotions that typically take up a lot of space in our minds day-to-day.

We have lots of helpful pages and blog posts that cover meditation and its importance – here we have picked out some of the most useful pages to help you with adopting this lifestyle change. This includes answers to frequently asked questions, free guided meditations, recommended meditation apps and ‘Building a daily meditation practice’ podcast episode.

30 Day Mindfulness Guide

Our 30 Day Mindfulness Guide gives you 30 guided mindfulness exercises from the Overcoming MS community that can help you get started, and all of them are available for free online. Each day of the plan offers you a new guided meditation to listen to with all the guided meditations written by fellow OMSers.