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Exercise & physical activity

Incorporating regular exercise and movement into your routine contributes to improving both physical and mental wellbeing, including helping with flexibility and strength. This is particularly crucial for people with MS, so it is important to find exercise that works for you and that you enjoy. We are here to support you in embracing all types of physical activity with confidence, including cardio, strength, resistance training or other types of movement, at a level that is right for you.

“I’ve never been a big sports fan but I do know I need (and enjoy!) exercise, so I found all these little ways to incorporate it in my day.” Ineke, Overcoming MS community member.

How to get moving

Make sure you consider any MS symptoms when choosing your physical activity and use our helpful resources, suitable for a range of levels.

“The post-MS version of myself realizes that regular movement is more important now than ever. And in order for exercise to be a regular part of my life, it needs to be enjoyable and sustainable.” Nicole, community member.

Movement and exercise for all