Change your life, for life

Making a choice to follow the diet and lifestyle principles recommended by the OMS Program means you are on course to find realistic hope and a full life.

Change your life, for life

Adopting the Overcoming MS Program is about making the decision to change your life, for life. 

Maintaining the OMS lifestyle involves a fair degree of mindful change and awareness of its effect on your condition. In this sense, you have to take ownership of it and be your own self-champion.

This means taking an active approach to your health and finding the support you need to make these life changes from family, friends and other OMS members.

It’s wise to remember it’s never too late to start the OMS Program. 

Your attitude and motivation are crucial factors. Embracing the program and becoming a part of the OMS community help aid your recovery from MS. Making looking after yourself a priority is also key and this alone can be difficult for many people.

Maintaining your resolve and keeping up good, new lifestyle habits in a supportive environment is part of the road to this recovery. It’s in adopting these habits that make the lifestyle changes possible and the effects can be dramatic. 

Keeping in mind that recovering is definitely possible will aid your efforts to sustain the OMS Program.

Where to find support for living with MS

  • Allowing your partner, family and friends to accompany you on the journey will make it easier to succeed in your recovery.
  • The book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis is an invaluable, comprehensive guide to managing your health. You can also download a number of free resources from our website to get you started.
  • If you have been living with MS for some time but haven't made changes to your lifestyle, remember it’s never too late to start the OMS Program.
  • OMS retreats can be a great, practical and visible way of giving you live examples of how to organise your lifestyle. It’s worth remembering that people often find that their quality of life greatly improves after attending an OMS retreat. Retreats are currently only taking place in Australia and the UK. 
  • Joining the OMS community can provide you with additional support. Look to connect with other OMSers by joining an OMS Circle or using our online forums.
  • Listen to our Living Well with MS podcast, where each episode we chat to a different guest and explore varying aspects of the OMS Program. 

If you need any additional support, our team is here to help you - please do get in touch.