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Supporting Healthcare Professionals

We want to make it as easy as possible for you as a healthcare professional to share that essential information and support your patients.

Overcoming MS exists to help people living with MS to feel more hopeful, optimistic, and empowered, knowing they can take control of their MS and lead a more full and healthy life. 

We believe that an essential part of this is to support healthcare professionals around them by providing evidence-based information, shareable resources, and a trusted place to signpost their patients as part of optimal supported self-management [1].

‘Supported self-management is part of the NHS Long Term Plan’s commitment to make personalised care the norm.’
NHS England

We know time is both short and precious in any given appointment. We also know how important it is to equip individuals with MS with the tools and encouragement they need to take control of their MS and live their best lives. 

‘The lifestyle medicine approach is the future, we just need to make it generally available, and that means we need to change the way the NHS thinks: we need a cultural revolution.’
Sir Muir Grey via the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference 2022

How to signpost patients to Overcoming MS

We want to make it as easy as possible for you, their trusted healthcare professionals, to share that essential information and support. 

1. You can share our downloadable infographic which summarises why lifestyle matters, and how they can start making simple changes today to impact and improve their life with MS.
You can bring this in to provide a positive message at diagnosis, or as part of their annual comprehensive review [2][3].

2. You can direct them to our Overcoming MS Circles to find a community of people living with MS who are trying to make the same positive lifestyle choices; an accessible space for supportive encouragement, advice and understanding.

3. You can signpost them to the page on our website for people who are new to Overcoming MS, helping them to choose the right channels for them to discover a range of evidence-based lifestyle choices they can use to manage their MS, prevent comorbidities and live their healthiest lives. 

Be part of a network and get in touch

Finally, we know that an integrated and collaborative approach to holistic and life-long management of MS is essential given the challenges facing healthcare and the rising incidence of ill health across the globe. This is a challenging approach to take in our time and resource-constricted healthcare professionals. If you want to be part of a network of like-minded professionals working towards this common goal, we want to help facilitate that. Please get in touch.

We are partnered with/supporters of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, where you can find extensive evidence and advice around lifestyle as a health promotion, disease prevention, and supportive treatment or management tool. 

If you’re interested in broadening your understanding of lifestyle choices in health promotion and treatment, they have an accredited course to support you in doing just that.

The Overcoming MS Program

This strong evidence base clearly shows that lifestyle does matter – and it matters for people with MS. The Overcoming MS program is a lifestyle modification approach to managing MS developed by Professor George Jelinek. Based on extensive medical research and his own experiences of MS, it is now well supported by a rapidly broadening body of research and evidence. 

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More about the research

You can read our blogs, including those written by our Medical Advisor, which cover the research findings.