Going out to eat with family and friends is a real joy for many people. Following the OMS program recommendations shouldn't hinder this experience. We have put together some tips and resources that will hopefully help you to still enjoy eating out. 

Chef cards

chef card

We are really proud of our OMS chef cards, which are available in five different languages, as they are great for taking with you to restaurants to give to staff to help explain your dietary requirements. To download yours now, click here.

Think ahead

Try and take a look at the menu in advance, often restaurants have copies of menus online. This will help you work out in advance if there will be something on the menu already that you can order. If not, most places are great at adapting meals, try ringing ahead before and talking through your requirements and see what they can offer you. Also, you can email through a copy of a Chefs Card to help them understand. 

Be the friend that plans

If possible, try and choose the restaurant yourself. This can help as certain cuisines are more accommodating to the OMS diet. For example, some people find that Indian restaurants are a great option as long as the chefs are happy preparing dishes without ghee. Other great choices include, Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Mexican. 

Share ideas within the OMS community

Asking other OMSer for recommendations of places to visit in your local area is another great way to find new spots that are willing to cater for your dietary requirements. Try asking within your Circle, or if you are not part of a Circle take a look at the forum where you can ask others. 

There are also a couple of good websites which can help with finding tasty places to try. 

If you have any other tips for the community about eating out, please leave them in the comments below.