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Finish 2024 strong with our '6 Months to Overcoming MS' course

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22 March 2024

Learn the Program – step by step

Ready to find out more about the Program pillars? Follow the links to each step and learn how to live well with MS.

Learn the steps of the Overcoming MS Program in detail

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Overcoming MS diet

The Overcoming MS Diet Learn about how to eat well for MS.


 Physical activity

Physical activity and exercise for MS – Learn about how physical activity and exercise can be beneficial for people with MS.


Stress management for MS – Learn about stress management techniques and meditation for MS.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D for MS



For advice about medication, please speak with your healthcare team.


“There is something you can do for yourself. There is a charity and a community of people that are there with advice that can help you.”

Pauline, Overcoming MS trustee.

Watch our webinar: Roadmap to Good Health

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This webinar features Professor George Jelinek, Dr Jonathan White and Dr Phil Startin, and will talk to you about the latest book about the Overcoming MS Program – Roadmap to Good Health. Get ready to learn more.

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