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22 March 2024

Learn the Program – stress management

Ready to learn about managing your stress? Settle down and listen to our podcast or watch our webinar.

Watch our webinar: Introduction to the Overcoming MS Program

Dr Phil Startin


This webinar with expert facilitator Dr Phil Startin will help you understand more about meditation and mindfulness. Learn how to manage your stress to help your multiple sclerosis. If meditation and mindfulness aren’t for you, find what’s right for you to manage your stress.

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Listen to our podcasts: Top hacks for getting into a meditation habit

Image of Alison

Let Alison walk you her top hacks for getting into a meditation habit.

>>Listen now – part 1



Overcoming MS needs to reach more people. More people need to know that they can do things to help them live a healthier life with this condition.

Yasmin, Overcoming MS Facilitator


Monthly mindfulness guide

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Ready to get started?

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Learn the Program - step by step

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Learn the other steps of the Overcoming MS Program

Ready to learn more? Learn the other steps of the Overcoming MS Program in detail.

The Overcoming MS diet

Physical activity and exercise for MS

Vitamin D for MS

For advice about medication, please speak with your healthcare team.