What we do

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Ensure people are aware and fully informed about the Overcoming MS Program as an evidence-based way to help self-manage MS through lifestyle choices.

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Facilitate a supportive, accessible, and responsive community to allow people with diverse MS needs to adopt the Overcoming MS Program, meeting them wherever they are in their journey.

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Help people with MS feel more hopeful, optimistic, and empowered, knowing they can take control of their MS and lead a more full and healthy life.

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Influence and collaborate with the broader MS community – including family, friends, and healthcare professionals – to enable them to understand the benefits of self-management and lifestyle choices for people with MS via the Overcoming MS Program.

Our charity, founded by Linda Bloom after the life-changing impact of the Overcoming MS Program on her own experience of MS, focuses its work around four these key areas.

Overcoming MS Values

Our values shape how we work to create positive outcomes for, and with, people affected by MS. We are:


The Overcoming MS Program draws upon an extensive body of evidence of the benefits of lifestyle changes on the health outcomes and quality of life for people with MS.


The realisation that people can take control of how they experience illness and disability is powerful and positive. We provide the tools to enable people with MS to take care of themselves and become active managers of their own health.


We build a supportive, positive and empowered community of people with MS. We recognise and celebrate the experience and knowledge of people with MS, which we harness to influence a broader understanding of the value of MS self-management.


Overcoming MS is an inclusive and diverse community, which both welcomes and gives voice to the experience of each individual.


We work with other charities, healthcare professionals and researchers, and the MS community itself.


As a small charity operating on a global scale, we value focus, efficiency and creativity and are able to change quickly.


Overcoming MS Policies

You can download our most recent Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Complaints policies below.

If you’d like to access another Overcoming MS policy, for example, Information Governance or Whistleblowing, please get in touch via our contact form.

The Overcoming MS Team

Overcoming MS staff

Our vision is a world in which every person with MS is empowered to take control of their health, is making informed lifestyle choices and is living a full and healthy life. Find out more about the Overcoming MS staff team working hard to achieve this vision. 


Meet our team of expert event facilitators who assist with Overcoming MS retreats, one-day events and online offerings. Our facilitator team includes medical doctors, nutritionists, meditation practitioners and fitness experts. 

Trustee Board

Our Trustees volunteer their time and skills to set and review our overall direction. The Trustees govern the Overcoming MS charity and make sure we’re delivering on all our objectives, so that every person with MS can lead a full and healthy life.