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22 March 2024

Learn the Program – an overview of the Overcoming MS Program

Ready to learn more about the Program? Get yourself a drink and listen to our introductory podcast or watch our webinar.

Watch our webinar: Introduction to the Overcoming MS Program

Dr Jonathan White

This introductory webinar features our medical advisor, Dr Jonathan White, and will give you a deeper understanding of the Overcoming MS Program. Sit back, and take some notes and understand how to live well.

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Watch our webinar: Roadmap to Good Health

Roadmap book image

This webinar features Professor George Jelinek, Dr Jonathan White and Dr Phil Startin, and will talk to you about the latest book about the Overcoming MS Program – Roadmap to Good Health. Get ready to learn more.

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Listen to our podcast: Introduction to the Overcoming MS Program

Professor George Jelinek

If you prefer to listen than watch, our introductory podcast will talk you through the Overcoming MS Program by Professor George Jelinek.

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Learn about the Program from the blog

Read from Sue about enjoying the benefits of Overcoming MS, whatever your starting point 

Learn from Professor George Jelinek about the power of choice


“I’m confident that the Overcoming MS Program lets me be the best possible version of myself.” Geoff, Overcoming MS volunteer.

Learn about each step in detail

Learn more

Learn the steps of the Overcoming MS Program

Ready to learn more? Learn the steps of the Overcoming MS Program in detail.

The Overcoming MS diet

Physical activity and exercise for MS

Stress management for MS

Vitamin D for MS

For advice about medication, please speak with your healthcare team.