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Finish 2024 strong with our '6 Months to Overcoming MS' course

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22 March 2024

Learn the Program – the diet

Ready to learn more about eating well for MS? Get comfortable and listen to our podcast or watch a webinar.

Watch our webinar: Guide to the Overcoming MS Diet

Ashley Madden

Listen to Ashley Madden and Gillian Robinson as they explain the Overcoming MS Diet in detail, and learn how to eat well for MS.

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Listen to our podcasts: Understanding the Overcoming MS Diet

Sam Josephs

Let Nutritional Therapist Sam Josephs walk you through the Overcoming MS Diet.

>> Listen now – part 1

>> Listen now – part 2


Learn from the blog

Group eating together

Useful links to help you get started on the Overcoming MS diet:

My first Overcoming MS supermarket trip

Create your Overcoming MS meal plan

Use our chef cards when eating out.

Discover our tasty recipes!

“As soon as you start googling, all you hear is doom and gloom. But actually, you can take control of your own life. Through diet, exercise, meditation, it’s not the end.”

Maria, Overcoming MS community member


Learn the Program - step by step

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Learn the other steps of the Overcoming MS Program

Ready to learn more? Learn the other steps of the Overcoming MS Program in detail.

Physical activity and exercise for MS

Stress management for MS

Vitamin D for MS

For advice about medication, please speak with your healthcare team.