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An audience with Associate Professor Sandra Neate from the Neuroepidemiology Unit (NEU)

Join Associate Professor Sandra Neate, who will be sharing the latest research and projects into...

Breathwork for people living with MS

Join Veronique Gauthier-Simmons for a webinar session focusing on breathwork for people living with...

OMS Live Cook-Along with Rachel Detroit

Join Rachel Detroit for a cook-along making OMS-friendly burgers and mac and cheese.

Mindfulness and Meditation with OMS

Join Phil Startin for this excellent session

Easy Overcoming MS and family-friendly foods

Join Sam Josephs for a webinar session focusing on how to incorporate easy, family-friendly OMS...

Ask Aaron - your opportunity to speak to a Neurologist about Living Well with MS webinar

Neurologist, Dr Aaron Boster, answers community questions about living well with MS.