A can of chickpeas can be a common product to have hiding at the back of your kitchen cupboard, but have you run out of ideas of what you could do with them?  

Fear not, we have thought up five suggestions of what you can do with this can of goodness. 

Chickpeas are full of protein and are also a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. A can of chickpeas is a cheap and easy way to make a meal a little more interesting, include more plant-based protein or add some texture. 

1- One-pan paprika cod and chickpeas 

chickpeas and cod

This simple dish really does only require one pan, and everything is baked, so it’s an easy but tasty meal. 

With both fresh chilli and paprika, the bake packs a bunch so decided on the heat level you like and add or takeaway these ingredients. 

If you are short on time one evening, this is a quick meal that is also delicious and healthy.

You can find the recipe here.


2- Chickpea cookie dough

Who knew you could make tasty cookies from pureed chickpeas?! It is mainly down to what you mix the pureed chickpeas with that results in tasty cookies and not a sweet hummus! By adding nut butter, vanilla extract, oat flour, maple syrup and nuts or cacao nibs you end up with a cookie dough batter that tastes amazing. You can find the recipe here.

For these cookies to be OMS friendly we suggest choosing a good quality nut butter without additional oils. Enjoy nut butters in small amounts, so perhaps don't have too many cookies at once! 

To read more about which foods to eat in moderation, click here. 

3- Roasted chickpea saladchickpea salad

This salad is ideal as a lunchbox treat to take to the office, school or as a picnic in the park! The ingredients used in this recipe are suggestions and you can mix it up to include your favorite salad items and things you may need to use up in your fridge. 

By roasting the chickpeas, you can add even more depth of flavor to your salad. Chickpeas are great at absorbing spices when roasted, so make sure you add plenty of your chosen spices to get maximum taste in your salad. 

When following the OMS suggestions, baking with olive oil is recommended as long as the temperature does not go above 180C (356F). This ensures that the oil does not oxidise or become damaged. Therefore tossing these chickpeas in olive oil in spices is a totally safe OMS friendly technique. To read more about cooking techniques, click here.  

4- Chickpea and sun-dried tomato dip

red dipWe all know that chickpeas make delicious and creamy hummus, but this is another tasty dip that uses the humble chickpea. This recipe was kindly sent in by OMSer Kaye and uses fresh herbs, garlic and lemon to create a vibrant dip. 

It is a simple case of whizzing all the ingredients together in a blender and creating the perfect texture for you. 

Try with fresh bread, crudités or homemade Syrian bread (pitta bread). Find the recipe here.

5- Chickpea burgerburger

These burgers are great to batch cook and then freeze and therefore make a quick and easy dinner. Thank you to OMSer Ashely for sharing the recipe. 

For this recipe, the chickpeas mixed with mushrooms, oats and spices creates a perfect texture burger which is sure to keep the whole family happy. 

Try adding your favorite salad and sauces to really create the 'build your own' experience.