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Family, Friends & Carers

Helping you to support people with MS

If someone you know or care for has been diagnosed with MS, we are here to help you be there for them in the best possible way. By supporting them to follow the Overcoming MS Program, you’ll be helping them to lead a full and healthy life with MS, find important connections with others and most importantly, find hope.

There are many mental as well as physical benefits to the Overcoming MS Program. Professor George Jelinek created the Program based on research studies which showed that lifestyle can make a difference to people with Multiple Sclerosis. When he himself was diagnosed with MS and began following the Program, he found that he benefitted mentally and physically from making lifestyle changes.

Although a cure for MS isn’t yet available, Overcoming MS supports people with MS to live a full life after an MS diagnosis.

As their family member, friend or carer, it’s important you help them to remember that they can live a full and healthy life with MS. Exactly what that looks like will vary from person to person, as specific outcomes depend on factors such as their starting point, risk factors, and type of MS. People “overcome” MS in their own way, which can include mental and/or physical improvements, and the positive benefits from being connected to others with MS in the community.

There is a lot of information about lifestyle changes that benefit MS on our website, so read on to find out how you can get started, to best support the person you know or you’re caring for, as well as looking after your own mental well-being.

Find out more about MS

If you’ve just found out someone you care about has MS, it can be difficult knowing how to best support them. Understanding as much as possible about their condition will help you confidently talk to them about it.

Everyone’s experience of MS can be very different. It’s an incredibly varied condition so it’s important you speak to them to understand their experience. Not only are there different types of MS (Relapsing Remitting MSSecondary Progressive MS and Primary Progressive MS), there are also a huge list of symptoms that people with MS may have, but it is a different journey for everyone.

What we do know is that following the Overcoming MS Program will improve their prognosis and future outcome, whether mentally or physically, and it can give them much needed hope, especially at the point of diagnosis which can be a worrying time for many.

How the Overcoming MS Program can help

The great news is that you’ve already discovered the Overcoming MS Program, so you’ve taken an important step to supporting your loved one or person you care for with their MS.

The Program was created by Professor George Jelinek who is also living with MS, and is based on seven core pillars which together provide a structured, holistic approach to managing MS. Lifestyle changes combined with medication as advised by healthcare professionals can have a huge impact on the trajectory of a person’s MS.

Did you know there are secondary benefits to the Program’s lifestyle changes, and you yourself could benefit from following them too? Find out more about the Program via the links below.

“Overcoming MS was my light in the darkness, giving me realistic hope and a path to follow.  It has made an enormous difference to my physical and mental well-being, and I have no hesitation recommending it to anyone living with MS”. 
Dr Jonathan White, Overcoming MS Medical Advisor, also living with MS.

Connect with others

Connecting with other people with MS will make a huge difference, both for you and for the person you know living with MS. Encourage them to join the Live Well Hub, our online community space which is incredibly supportive, friendly and welcoming. They can also join a Circle on the Hub, which is a small group of people living in the same area or a thematic Circle brings people with shared interests together.

You can also sign up to an event. We host regular online webinars and livestreams, as well as in-person events, so you can hear directly from our experts and community. This could help you to expand your knowledge of MS and provide you with reassurance and guidance, as well as the person living with MS who you’re looking to support.

Look after your mental well-being

We know that going through an MS diagnosis and experiencing MS through your partner, relative, friend or person you care for can be challenging at times. You are doing an amazing job of supporting them by being here and finding out ways to make their life fuller and healthier with MS.

Make sure you are also taking time to look after your own mental and physical well-being, as it can be a difficult experience for you too. Why not try a guided meditation from our free resources? Or if you need some extra support, visit our Mental Health Hub for guidance on what support is available to help you through your own journey with MS.